Teenear Performance at Rolling Loud Top 5 Best Moments

5 Moments That Gave Us Life At ‘Rolling Loud’ 2017

Originally published by Vibe.com on 5/8/17

By Tony Centeno

The first ladies of Rolling Loud made an impact we won’t forget

When Rolling Loud first revealed the major lineup for 2017, the festival’s organizers DOPE Ent were hit with backlash after zero women were listed on the playbill, and no, Yes Julz does not count since she’s not an artist in any way. Their critic’s skeptic stance changed real quick once the lineup was updated to include performances from Dreezy, singer Teenear, and Polly A. Dreezy hit the crowd with their favorite jams like “Body” while singers like Slip N Slide singer Teenear and GhettoGoldDream singer Polly A hit the crowd with their popular singles. All three hit the stage early in the day but were able to battle the scorching heat to put on for all the ladies in the building. They all contributed to breaking the mold for not just Rolling Loud but for any hip-hop based music festival, which have a tendency for leaving women out of the equation. Hopefully, this year’s performers will encourage more women to perform at Rolling Loud in the future.

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