“Africa Has A Special Place in My Heart”

Sebastian Mikael delivered a strumming new live performance to commemorate Africa Day, on May 25.

The Ethiopian-Swedish artist partook in the live-streamed the performance this Monday for The Roots’s Africa Day virtual program, alongside other musicians of the African diaspora around the world. Sebastian began the performance with a brief acknowledgement of the day, then performed “Rain” from his lastests project “I C U U C ME Pt. II” and ended his perfromance with “Mission” from his debut project “I C U U C ME Part 1”.

Check out Sebastian’s full perfomance on YouTube – watch it below:

Africa Day is a celebration of the successes of the Organisation of African Unity from its creation on May 25, 1963, the fight against colonialism.

Different countries in Africa, as well as around the world celebrate the day annually.