AllHipHop Interview with Teenear
Originally published by AllHipHop on 5/1/17.

AllHipHop had a chance to sit down with Teenear. She’s an emerging R&B singer from Miami, FL, who’s scheduled to perform alongside Kendrick and Future at this year’s Rolling Loud festival. Learn more about the talented star below.

1. With acts like Kendrick, Mac Miller and Future – are you nervous about performing in front of a predominantly Hip-Hop audience? I feel more excited than nervous. The nerves haven’t really hit me yet. Music is music and we’re all there because we have a love for it.

2. “Something Else” is the new single circulating the web. Where can fans find the track? Is there an EP – when can we expect a full project? It can be found everywhere! It’s on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, etc! I plan on releasing a full project later this year. I just wrapped the iHeart Juice tour, so I’ll be back in the studio asap.

3. Are you planning any collaborations with popular Miami artists like DJ Khaled, Kodak Black (when he gets home), Zoey Dollaz, or Robb Banks?
I definitely have a few surprises… and plans on collaborating with a few Miami artists.

4. Is it hard breaking out of the Miami market? Describe some of the struggles being an emerging artist.
I’m going to say yes, but I’m not too worried about it. I feel like my sound isn’t necessarily a “Miami Sound” and I see that I’m reaching other places, quicker than my actual hometown. Some people would say that’s a bad thing, because you want local support, but even if Miami isn’t going 100 for me.. at least I know other cities are.

5. You’ve got a remix we found, with Trina. Can we expect more?
Yes, Streetlights ft. Trina. I honestly don’t know, word on the street is.. Trick and Trina are putting out an album on Slip-N-Slide… The world is full of possibilities.

Check out her new single “Something Else“